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I never really appreciated C for what it was until now. It took me 5 years from my first programming course to appreciate it for what it was. C is a very pure programming language; it comes with no frills, bells, or whistles. I'm glad I had the opportunity to become exposed to C early on.

Not to say I dislike all other languages. Java was the second language I learned, ruby was the third and python followed after that. I throughly enjoyed learning all of them. But the influence I got from C followed the other languages; Java's syntax (besides the object orientation), of course, is very C-like.

I just wanted to shared some of the recent thoughts I had regarding C.

C in Javascript?

More recently, however, I've enjoyed learning and working with Javascript. The community is large, and the functional programming features are still very novel (to me) and very interesting. in particular were very interesting since I'd never gotten the chance to use callbacks outside of GUI functions. It took me a while to realize it, but callbacks can be implemented in C!

It might sound simple and trivial to some but this is a concept that takes some experience to understand. Some people get this experience early on, and some don't. Callbacks are implemented in C by using function pointers! (

void populate_array(int *array, size_t arraySize, int (*getNextValue)(void))
    for (size_t i=0; i<arraySize; i++)
        array[i] = getNextValue();

int getNextRandomValue(void)
    return rand();

int main(void)
    int myarray[10];
    populate_array(myarray, 10, getNextRandomValue);

So the concept has transferred over the Javascript and is now available as a high level construct instead of the low level implementation you see in C with pointers.

The Language of Implementation

There is a lot of opinion out there on the interwebs; opinions about what language to use, why you should use it and why it's better to start off with this particular language. Granted, starting with C is hard.

It's a very pure language because it's the language of implementation. Other languages have libraries built in C; they're using C as a low level construct to implement the details. Someone, somewhere needs to worry about this. It used to be that assembly programmers worried about the implementation details, now we have C for that.

Out of all the other languages I've tried out, none of them are quite pure implementation languages. Java attempts to be that, but lacks pointers and has a ton of libraries. You can consider Java to be a high level contruction language. You use it to piece together chunks of code and make something.

It is what it is

So if you consider C for what it is, it's not a bad programming language to start with. It gives you a huge survey of what the guts of programming looks like. And just like other languages, it is what it is.

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