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29 Sep 2014

A Problem with Legos

I have this problem. Legos are awesome. They’ve always been awesome, and they’re still awesome. What kind of fully-grown adult wouldn’t want a set of legos for Christmas or their birthday? I remember spending many hours of my childhood fussing around and playing with legos, much to the detriment of my mother when she would step on them several hours later.

The problem now is not the lack of lego sets in my life - it’s now the overabundance of legos in my life. Unfortunately, I didn’t know any better and decided to become a Computer Engineering student. I thought that if I went through school and studied hard that I would get a pretty nice paying job in Engineering. No-one told me that I’d start seeing legos all over damn place.

Evil in many forms

Legos now come in the form of many things - Dev Kits, Wireless Modules, Microcontrollers and more. And what’s worse, it’s easier now than ever to browse which legos and lego sets are available. This particularly evil company called Digikey disguises themselves as an electronics component distributor, making it trivial to find new lego pieces to fit into your latest project.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rationalized my purchases. Don’t worry, I NEED that particular dev kit to properly cement the concepts I’ve learned in school… It’s an INVESTMENT!

My advice: stay away for your own good. Don’t even think about going into an engineering-related field. Look at what’s been happening with the maker movement. Those poor saps don’t know what hit them.

My name is Kenny Luong, and I have a problem with Legos.