Kenny's Blog

20 Dec 2015

My Blog, Moving Forward

I started my blog over a year and a half ago. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to write about but a blog sounded cool and it seemed like a lot of software developers had blogs they maintained on the side. In fact, I started my blog sometime right after Phil Haack came to UH Manoa to talk about Github. I also created my twitter account shortly after that, with limited success.

My most popular post according to google analytics is the one about http://blog.kennyluong.com/Tricking-A-Maytag-Bravos-Washer/ to bypass the lid lock mechanism. It’s not a particularly glamorous post, but it sticks with the theme that I sort of had in mind when I started this blog. It’s one of the posts that I put a little more care through and where my need to tinker with things shines through.

My hope with that post was that others, particularly students would see that it’s not that hard to look under the hood sometimes and figure things out. If you’ve had some training and experience with building and looking at board-level circuits it’s not that hard to stretch over and guess at how things might work.

I like to share my small bits of experience like this. The moments where I’m like “holy cow, I didn’t know I could do this”!

Moving forward, I hope my blog will continue to be a place where I can share some of the lessons that I’ve learned developing myself professionally and personally. There are so many moments in the past where I’ve thought “gee - I wish someone had told me or exposed me to this earlier”. I’ll do my best to share the moments and lessons that were most important to me.