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23 Feb 2015

Steven Universe - A Refreshing Series

After reading a tweet from wired on feed, I decided to give the show Steven Universe a try. And I highly suggest that you give it a try; it’s a very well done show.

Yes, it’s a kid’s show

But it doesn’t quite watch like one at all. Without spoiling too much the characters have depth to them, and the themes that are explored in some of the episodes are very adult. Yet, the show does give off some very strong and positive messages of acceptance, family and life. Very refreshing.

I find the messages particularly resonating since I’ve gotten a chance to hang around some very supportive members of the tech community. The mentors I’ve had the opportunity to talk to have a very supportive attitude, even through their successes. I would have never gotten as far as I did without some of the positive encouragement I was lucky enough to receive. Similarly, the theme of acceptance is literally bursting through the seams of Steven Universe and is an empowering message, in a very community sort of way.

To top it off, the music that’s paired with the series is fantastically simple, modern and down to earth. And who doesn’t love a random break into song once in a while?