Kenny's Blog

01 Mar 2014

First Post!

My name is Kenny Luong and I’m currently persuing my B.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I hope that this blog can become a respository for my thoughts, hobbies and interests and that someone can learn from what is posted here. To start off, here is a bit about myself:

I’m consider myself fairly easy to get along with. Every person has something about them that is unqiue, whether it be a skill or a personality trait, and I feel that every interaction, every relationship I have can teach me something about myself.

I’ve discovered throughout my academic journey that my hobbies have somewhat merged with my career choices. I enjoy programming, designing hardware, and exploring toolsets. Maybe it won’t stay that way in the future, but the passion I’ve felt about electrical and computer engineering has not faded – in fact, it has gotten stronger. I feel deeply grateful that I’ve found the opportunity to persue a career in something that I feel so passionate about.

Outside of my technical interests and hobbies, I also enjoy music! I’m a big fan of any type of music. I play the Alto and Tenor saxophones, but I’ve also been meaning to learn the Piano and Guitar. My taste in music is somewhat an extension of my personailty, I give everything and anything a chance.

Thats a pretty brief picture of me for now! More blog posts to come soon.