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23 Mar 2014

More Productivity With vim-ack

Its spring break, so I have a little breathing room to make a post!

I’m a pretty big console user, so most of my work get done in a console; my console text editor of choice is vim. Vim does have a fairly large learning curve, but its slowly grown more and more on me as I’ve used it for the past three years.

One of the new plugins I’ve started using is vim-ack. If any of you are familar with ack, its a search tool just like grep, but highly optimized for searching source code. Its actually pretty similar to what the search tool in Notepad++ is like. I know a couple of programmers who work in either vim or emacs, but then use Notepad++ to search and look at code.

When doing large refactors or debugging, this feature is fairly useful: even in a command line environment, it can be hard and awakward to navigate large code bases. Vim-ack essentially brings this functionality into vim!

Check it out!