Kenny's Blog

21 Feb 2016

A More Consistent Blog

I’ve had my blog for nearly two years now - I’m very pleased with my progess so far… honestly, I thought my blog would just be something that would sit there with no content. I’m proud that I’ve been honest with my posts and stuck with it.

But I want to improve it and I think I’m lacking a litle consistency and quality. I want to get into the habit of putting my thoughts down and polishing them up a little before they go into a post. I don’t want my blog to be a horribly complicated affair, but I do want readers to be able to clearly connect with what I’m thinking and feeling.

I thought that a schedule would help me with that. Most of my ideas tend to just sit after I put them down – this is fine for most ideas (some are kind crazy anyways), but I think there are some important ones that just sit there.

So the schedule really is another mechanism for percolating the most important ideas up. I’ll still continue to jot down my ideas but if they become important enough that I feel they really need to be written I’ll put them on my schedule.

Blog Changes

So I’ve made a few changes. I like transparency for the benefits of myself and others so I’ve added an information page that lists a few things:

  • My Ideas - This is my scratchpad for post ideas. It may change and things will get deleted as they become posts but you can see what my current state of mind is in here.
  • Upcoming Posts - These are the posts that I plan to finish and the dates that they’re expected to be finished by.


I just wanted to end saying that I like writing and thinking about things. Writing is a tool for me to personally mull over things and really understand them. This particular post is just that - to move things forward, I need to think about it and really get the details out.

So really my blog is for my own benefit, but I can’t help hoping that somewhere one of my posts will help someone who is in the same situtation that I was in while writing the post.